Overusing z-index


z-index is a fascinating CSS property with complicated interworkings. For most Web designers, myself included, z-index is the ticket to getting certain page elements to “sit” on top of or float behind other elements. It especially shines when creating navigation bars that stick to the top of the page when scrolling and the “scroll to top” buttons, just to name two common examples.

However, in my travels and quest for Website design tips, tricks, knowledge, and useful libraries, I have found instances where z-index is abused. While the reasoning behind it may have been sound to begin with, Web design trends change, and what made sense then may not anymore, meaning such z-index usage might now be considered overuse or even abuse.

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What Does An Excellent Ecommerce Website Design Offers To Dubai Online Businesses Today

Web DesignToday, you can make money in a virtual world. Having an online store is among these options. Entrepreneurs nowadays are looking for ways on how to safely start ventures online. On the other hand, traditional businesses are becoming very eager to see how establishing an online store can significantly increase their income.

Remember though that creating an online store, otherwise known as ecommerce website, is not a straightforward and simple task. You have to make sure that it will work towards the purpose of generating huge profits. Technical skills, design panache, and Internet marketing insight are very important.

If you are to design your ecommerce site, you have to make sure that it will allow for hassle-free and secure transactions. This will further mean that you have a business process which will run very smoothly, avoiding any possible obstacle that can immediately turn off possible clients.

Features Present In A…

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8 Steps to hire the right Website Design Company

Nashville Social Media Marketing

Your website is your online store front. Even if you have a brick and morter store, the goal of your website is to draw in and get you more customers and sales. But so many people have websites that don’t do what they want, or are currently working with a website design company and don’t feel like the website they are getting is going to give them what they want.

A good website is one that provides its visitors with important company information, while promoting its products or services in a very user-friendly way. If you fail at any of these things, your website can underperform or not perform at all, in a way that helps your business.

There are so many website design firms across the globe, but finding the right one that will understand a company’s message (and vision) and deliver it digitally is a difficult task. Due…

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Why Local Businesses Need Local SEO Services

Top of the SERPs

New Local Search Engine Optimisation post:

If you are the owner of a local business, then we need to stress the importance of using local SEO services. By doing so, you are going to vastly increase the reach that your business has with your target market

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4 Facts that Should Make You Consider a Website Re-Design

LeadStag Corp.

Facts-for-website-redesignFirst Fact: According to studies people will make up their minds about your website in one twentieth of a second. That means your design must be appealing and engaging enough for people to stay and see what you have.

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Website Design Tips You Can Try Out Today


If you have not learned much about the topic of web page design, it may seem confusing and intimidating. Once you know the basics of good design, however, you will begin to see how easy it is to create an attractive, professional site. With the ideas provided further in the reading, you will…

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7 Musts for Your Brand’s Twitter Account

Spiral Space

I Get to Work in Blogging 101 Again – Yahoo!

Techie Family

Blogging 101Blogging 101 is one of my favorite courses, and we start again in a few days! Woot!

If you have ever wanted to learn how to make a free WordPress blog, this is a great way to do it. Just make sure you sign up before Sunday the 7th.

The WordPress Blogging University offers free month-long classes you can take at your own pace. Each weekday you get an assignment to work on with your own blog. The assignments get you publishing, customizing your site and engaging with other bloggers. It’s really fun!

One of my favorite aspects of the course (aside from meeting lots of awesome bloggers) is that one can take it at their own pace. While assignments are issued–nobody is keeping track of what you do. There are no grades. And since there are no assignments on weekends, you have time to catch up if you want.

For sign-ups…

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Keeping It Real.... by Christopher Scott Lee

Before I even get into my story, I want all of you ‘VETERAN’ website developers to look back to when you were all excited to build your own website, and every time you found one and got stuck on something, you would go to the next one that SEEMED better. And every website that you went to, that seemed better and better, and that you put more and more time and effort into, and then get stuck on something small, and while you’re trying to figure out how to get UNSTUCK, you realize that there’s an even BETTER website than the one you’re in. THEN…..(If anyone has gone through this EXACT motion that I’m going through I will actually be RELIEVED LOL) THEN when you FINALLY find one that you actually put MONEY into and everything SEEMS perfect…..BAM!!!! ANOTHER DAMN WEBSITE BUILDING WEBSITE SMACKS YOU RIGHT IN THE DAMN FACE!!!…

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